Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bloodmoney Trailer

PLEASE show you support and click the link and get this film in theaters. (similar to the way "Paranormal Research" worked) Pass it around!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Pictures From the March For Life 2010

Patiently Fighting the Good Fight

Entire Congregations Made the Trip....
What Did You
Do On Your Friday Morning?

People Cheer For Change

Friday, January 22, 2010

March for Life 2010...Perhaps A Step In The Right Direction

I made the roughly 4 hour journey down to our nations capital to join the masses in what would be, in my mind one of the most important marches to date for the cause. With the new health care reform being pushed upon us, we need to make our voices heard on the issue of abortion. I believe its the only chance we have at this time to make a difference.

If you are like many, and believe that these marches are ineffective, a waste of time and money, and that the energy directed to the powers that be, will only fall deaf ears... I would have to agree with you.

This time around, this 2010 March, was different. I could feel it in my bones.
If there was one thing lacking, it would be women between the ages of 20-35. I kind of felt alone out there. Granted, everyone was bundled up in the cold, I could really see anyone my age who is trying to unite and create a support for the cause at this stage in our lives. Its now that women are faced with careers, "futures", fear of sacrificing for what could be... its this age group that needs to be enveloped in the message of love and hope that the Life Ministries depict.

Anyways, I took a number of photos to show you the kind of energy that was down in DC today.
Let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I decided today, to checkout whats going on with the woman standing outside a building on 42nd St, with her graphic pictures of slain babies. I have to be honest, I must have passed people like her a hundred times on my way to and from work in the subways. I choose not to look at the pictures they are displaying, the same way I choose not to look at the man standing with a sign that is held up by his two handless arms. Its too much, its too much on my eyes and heart to see, so I choose not to look. (I believe alot of peole do this as well) But after alot of thought and prayer, I decided to go out and talk to the woman standing infront of a nondescript building on 42nd St.

She is shorter than I, black, 54 yrs old, dressed in a frumpy outfit, with a hat and scarf (it has to be 60 degrees out). I am sweating nervously, as I turn away from her signs, and introduce myself. She says "the police here dont let me cross the line, (pointing to a split in the sidewalk) theres one cop thats good. He lets me say whatever I want as long as I dont cause too much of a stir. You can tell which women are going in for an abortion. Its the white women that confuse me. I find that black women come in with a headscarf and tight jeans, white women come in baggy sweats, you dont see many hispanics, they havent really assimilated into our disrespect for life here in America."

As I look up, I notice that this nondescript building, is an abortion clinic. I feel sick. I feel like I have very rarely ever been this close to evil before. And just as I bring my thoughts back into the moment, here comes two black women, one with a scarf on her head, tight jeans, the other with a baseball cap and tight jeans. To be honest, they look like they have dabbled in crack. You can tell their faces looked much older than their age, their teeth rotted, they mannerisms very jerky. The woman I am standing with immediatly stops speaking to me, and rushes over to her crack in the pavement (where she cannot cross) and shouts out "Jesus loves that baby, you have a birthday, why wont you let the baby have one too." And with that, the girl with the scarf shouts back "you think this is worse than my baby starving to death because I cant afford to feed it? You're preaching the wrong message, God wouldnt want that." The woman beside me kept her composure, and touched her heart as the woman and her friend checked in at the front desk, asking what floor the clinic was on. The women were still shouting inside through the glass, clearly fired up, perhaps showing that they were scared and had a conscious." The woman next to me just held her hands on her heart.

I felt sick again. I was 10ft from a woman who was about to kill her baby. I noticeed she had a small bump, the baby already had a heart beat. It took all of my might not to yell out to her, that I would take the baby, help her, just dont kill it. I still regret not saying that, I feel guilty for being almost an accessory to this. I know that sounds ridiculous, and that I have probably sat next to women in the subway en route to the clinic, or passed them in the street, and have been none the wiser, but this was made clear to me, and I didnt do anything.

My heart feels sick, and I feel guilty, because right now, that women has enough money to support her seemingly serious drug habit, but not enough to bring that child into to the world. I look at my nice apartment, my clothes, my computer, surely I could give her my money, I dont need all of this. But unfortunatly, I do not believe that this would help. I dont think that women would have respected the offer and spent the money on the child. I stand defeated.

Monday, April 20, 2009

When I heard the news....Please Someone tell me Im not the only one!!!!

Yesterday I was at a pub for lunch after my boyfriends softball game, when I asked a friend how an acquaintance of mine (good friend of hers) was feeling during her pregnancy. She said very matter of factly "she aborted it but is telling people it was a miscarriage."

When I heard her say that (almost felt like slow motion) my heart felt like someone hit it with a baseball bat. Here was a woman, around 26, who decided to abort. Intitially, I was angry and in pain, but today, I try and imagine what she was thinking and feeling on her way to the clinic, what was so bad or big that it trumped the life of her unborn child. What the hell was so damn important that it took precidence over a life.

Look, Im human and I know that it is virtually a cake walk to comment on a situation you have NEVER been in, but because this issue is so important to me, and is something I have prayed and thought about for years, I sincerely believe that there is no way I would ever consider aborting my child should I have an unplanned pregnancy. I just dont get, and perhaps this is one of my biggest faults, but I just dont understand how a woman (especially with her innate maternal instinct somewhere within her) could choose to terminate her child.

Again, as a human being with anger banging at my heart, I want to judge her, maybe even scream at her, but as a Christian, I know in my heart that my job as a witness is to pray, be active on the issue however I can, and to help this never happen again.

But doesnt anyone else, feel the sense of urgency and anger, and hostility towards those who choose to abort?

Please, someone tell me Im not the only one.....

Who Made You Judge & Jury???

Today, a blogger by the name of "real Christian" said that Pastor Walter Hoye, a man who was sharing a pro life message outside an abortion clinic in Oakland (now serving jail time for it) said that he was not a victim himself but rather a harraser "of intelligent women who are informed about their choices and who are making their own decisions. What an idiot - and what spin."

My reaction was to immediatly hit this person back with a fundamental query ""real Christian - i feel obliged to question where exactly the Christ is in your "real Christian" persona, when you can believe and feel compelled to argue that one human being has the right to decide whether another human being lives or dies. Who made you Judge & Jury?"

I agree that questioning things, topics, beliefs, whatever is a sign of intelligence. But to terminate a life, because it wasnt part of the plan or will make your life and others harder, is a sign of avarice, greed, and sloth. There really isnt a good enough reason in my mind, that choosing to abort a child is acceptable.

And how funny is it, that a person who calls themself "real Christian" , who has the nerve to put Christ in his name, would say that "intelligent women who make their own decisions, ie: choose abortion," are just.

I say time for those who side with Mr/Mrs/Ms. "real Christian" should consider what they really worship and believe in.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Send a Red Envelope to Obama Today


Participate in the Red Envelope Project. Tell President Obama you are against the taking of innocent life in the womb. From the website:

Get a red envelope. You can buy them at Kinkos, or at party supply stores. On the front, address it to:


President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington , D.C. 20500

On the back, write the following message.

This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

Christian Women Beautify Abortion: Insipid, Vapid, Gaping, Evil.

Christian Women Beautify Abortion: Insipid, Vapid, Gaping, Evil.

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I have never in my life heard of something which has caused a more visceral, appalling, guttural hatred-of-evil emotion to course through my mind. It is rather amazing, because there are lots of evil things out there. This one is about the worst feeling I have ever had. Unbelievable:

The Women’s Center Of Hyde Park in Tampa, 502 S. Magnolia, baby slasher institution, recently received a group of idiot “Christian” women to beautify the process of murdering children. These women volunteered their time, to deliberately make the interior decorating of the killing fields’ front office into something nice.

I expect that born-again Christian people will function at a highest standard of morality. I expect that Christian women will be the champions of children, protectors of their little ones. It is utterly beyond me to find that a group of Christian women have taken it upon themselves to beautify an abortion mill, so as to make it more acceptable to pregnant women who go there. I would hardly expect this gutter behavior from criminal unbelieving people. But this is such scathing, philistine, vapid, deliberate wickedness it defies the imagination.

Cute little death! Sweety little murder! Feel cuddly about your dismemberment? What? Sign the damnable guest book? Find the proper color scheme for slashing baby?

Tell me Ashley, was your murder-room properly scented?

Could there be a bigger betrayal of what it means to be a mother? After all, the abortionists themselves don’t even decorate their killing with little hummel figures and precious-moments knick-knacks. I want to ask you a serious question.

Who do you think would be more evil? A Nazi commandant who ran an extermination camp, or a group of local concerned women, who showed up, and said they wanted to make the front office of that death camp beautiful, to enable it, so that the people who might wander in the front door would feel comfortable and stay? So that they were more likely to “feel at home” there? So that people who felt unsure would suddenly fell sure?

Not even the Nazis tried to make it pretty.

The entire purpose and motivation of the Christian desire on earth is to bring “salt and light”. Christians, by our presence, are to glorify what is right, condemn what is evil, promote the good, diminish and expose wicked things. Here, these women have done precisely the opposite. they have glorified evil, done their best to apologize and market for it. A Christian’s presence ought to leave the abortion clinic looking like what it is: exceedingly evil.

This is also a crime against nature. The entire purpose and motivation of the female desire to make a space comfortable for others is to protect, to nurture, to cultivate life. Here, in the ultimate act of betrayal of their very human natures, these harpies, these beasts, are using their God given gifts of interior decorating to lower the defenses of the innocent, to soothe those on their way to commit murder, to encourage and normalize the practice of bloody shredding… it is beyond infamy.

Given the choice between doing something to stop the killing, remaining passive, or getting out the pom-poms, these witch-cheerleaders decided to vamp up the number of babies killed by giving murder a hallmark interface.

Tell me you witches, what is the proper potpourri for a dismemberment, to make it most memorable and soothing?

May God himself confront you.

My Comments: If you use a "pretty gun" does that make shooting it at someone any less inhumane?